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We are working on the New era of finance

We combine capital markets expertise with deep fundamental research, functional programming, and formal verification to deliver financial protocols that never break.


Value Exchange

The financial system is fundamentally broken. It is built on a set of rules that favor only the initiated. It’s time for change. At GenLambda we are building a fundamentally sound financial system starting from first principles. We level the playing field for everyone.

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Financial markets and software development have one thing in common - they are extremely complex and prone to mistakes with serious consequences and complexity that no one can fathom until it is too late.

How we will solve it

We are developing Axo - a new era in finance

Axo is the first peer-to-peer exchange platform where users can retain full custody over their assets and determine their trade conditions. The protocol enables the deployment of custom trading strategies, which execute autonomously on-chain. Axo gives users the ability to create and trade financial instruments like options, indexes, and futures; as well as deploy complex order types (such as stop loss and take profit) for the first time in DeFi.


A dedicated team of specialists

We are a team of visionaries - quants, Haskellers, economists, and other experts all on the same mission. The mission to develop the next generation of decentralized financial tools - trusted, fair, and efficient.

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